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Today we spotted a Shady Character under one of our Classic White Beach Umbrellas with the matching Chair on the beautiful Ōhope Beach.


Located just over the hill from Whakatāne, sits one of New Zealand's East Coast gems - Ōhope Beach. Enjoy the magnificent Ōhope Beach sand, sea, fishing and sunshine, or explore Ohiwa Harbour's bird nesting areas in a kayak.

A massive sandspit that sustains the coastal community of Ōhope separates Ohiwa Harbour from Ōhope Beach. This region appeals to Shady Characters beach lovers right across New Zealand, but is also a well-liked vacation spot for our "birding" enthusiasts.

In summer, while our happy Shady Characters customers migrate from the land to sea, wading sea birds migrate in vast numbers from their more northern nesting sites to New Zealand shores. Ohiwa Harbour is a haven for birdwatchers, but in order to identify the correct species, you'll need a decent Beach Umbrella to nest under, a Chair to rest on and a good bird book.


All of these new local birds in the area need something to snack on. Summer brings warmer waters and schools of fish to the area. Just off the coast of Ōhope Beach sits "Spot X" - a fishing spot who's location is only known by those in the know. You'll bring up bounds of Snapper and Kahawai to fill the space in your buttered white bread. Of course, you'll need one of our beach towels to keep dry and the sun off your knees while fishing in your boat.


Whether you're a wading sea bird returning to one of our chairs or a snapper needing to hide from hungry birds under an umbrella, be sure to enjoy Ōhope Beach with some Shady Characters Beach Essentials.

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