About Us

New Zealand has some of the greatest beaches in the world and the highest amount of coastline per capita population. We’re the top dog when it comes to the beach.


New Zealanders have an inherent love for the beach and ocean, and we love the beach as much as you do.


Back in 2019, we went looking for those little key extras that make the trip to the beach that much more enjoyable. We searched and searched but ended up only finding Australian stores with long shipping delays.


So, two beachie couples – Marty and Kenny + Zoe and Mike - saw the need to supply New Zealanders with a range of premium beach essentials to give Kiwis exactly what they need at the beach. Along came Shady Characters NZ.


Everyone hates getting sand all through their hair and lying on a wet towel is never that comfortable. So, our range of super comfy beach chairs and towels were born.


With a few kids spread between us, sun safety at the beach was also a big factor – so then, we brought in our range of beach umbrellas. Which also work well as a shelter!


Located in Tauranga – in the heart of the sunny Bay of Plenty – we know beaches. We’re here to offer a range of beach wear to keep your journey to the beach even more enjoyable.